Luxury goods, How do you brand luxury products?  

Luxury goods might seem like a unique term, but you have probably engaged in buying them more than once. Luxury goods also referred to as superior goods, are the items in which the demand increases as the consumer’s income increases. When you get a pay hike, you likely get more money with no defined use. It is during such instances that you would tend to engage in more than conventional shopping. However, when the income reduces, you go back to the original plan, thus abandoning these goods. The elasticity of demand and search for this product fluctuates depending on what the consumer pockets. What does this mean for the seller? They must take advantage and brand these products to get optimal sales for when the consumer feels philanthropic. Branding is one effective marketing strategy to help in this course.

Before delving into the branding options, the first and most crucial aspect is understanding the luxury market patterns. The information will give you a better insight into consumer behavior. Marketing luxury goods isn’t a walk in the park. You cannot employ the approaches used for general goods. The first and most vital aspect is to understand who and why people buy luxury goods. Consumers mostly make purchases, not on their needs but want. The money is good when it makes them happy hence buying items at the spur of the moment. Another huge aspect is self-esteem. Buying expensive items has a way of making people feel good about themselves. The bigger the purchase, the more the esteem gets boosted. The last factor is authenticity. Although the market has counterfeits of renowned brands, a consumer with extra money would always choose something authentic. With these statistics, employ the following tips to brand your luxury goods successfully.

Identify Your Target Market.

Your niche will only buy from you if you speak a language they understand. There are numerous sellers in the market. The goal is first to point out a segment of the market that no one is sorting. You cannot please everyone. It is safer to be selective and have return clients in the long run. Carefully choose your audience and analyze it. What do they want that is missing? Please choose a unique product and pitch it to them. If you merge your tactics with their interests, you will likely garner more sales than ever before.

What Is Your Audiences Perception?

As a seller, you may have opinions concerning different items that you have for your buyers. Most times, you will source for what you presume is the best, depending on the market analysis and demand. Unfortunately, the buying-selling contact is two-way traffic. You must know what your potential clients think. The only way to ascertain this is by running a test. Try as much to find out what your audience thinks of the products on your catalog before launching them. Carry interviews and offers samples if possible. Their opinions will direct you to the most appropriate decisions. Bring together opinions from both current and prospective clients.

Focus On Exclusivity.

Unfortunately, not everyone can manage to engage in luxury goods shopping. It might seem like a setback, but you can use it to your advantage. Build something that makes your customers feel special and unique from other purchasers. The perception of value is normally tied to these aspects. You can work on tips like making the items available at different timings and locations.

Through the above tips, you can manage to build a luxury brand for your business successfully. The luxury market is unique and delicate, thus a need for a more specific approach.

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Dog, What’s in chocolate that kills dogs?  

Do you know why dog training is important? Not only will it make your life easier and your bond with your dog stronger but putting in the effort to train and discipline your dog will actually help save its life. Dog owners consider their pet dogs as children. Without trying, pet owners give more or less the same amount of love and attention to their dogs just like how they love and care for their own children. Protecting their pets is one way of showing their love. If you love your pet, you will spend time, effort, energy, and possibly money on dog training. Why? Dog training keeps your dog safe and protected. Generally, dogs don’t know what’s bad for them unless you warn them. Without training, dogs can ingest anything they fancy including hazardous things.

When you think of poison images of bleach, alcohol, and detergents will come to mind. The last thing you’d think of is chocolate, right? But do you know that chocolate is bad for your dog? If you have a sweet tooth better make sure you hide your chocolates in your secret stash. Either that or you train your dog not to eat it. What do you think is going to happen to your dog if it starts ingesting chocolate? Why is chocolate toxic to your dog? Let’s find out.

Most of the calls received by Pet Poison Helpline are due to chocolate ingestion. Remember, dogs have a heightened sense of smell so even if you keep your chocolate bar in a closed bag or put it away, your dog will find its way to it. If you own a pet, you have to take precautions. As much as possible, put it in a place where they can never reach it.

Why Is Chocolate Toxic For Your Dog?

The very reason why this sweet indulgent treat is bad for your dog is that it contains substances that are safe for humans but not for your pet dogs. These substances are theobromine, caffeine, and methylxanthines. When chocolate is ingested, your dog will have a hard time metabolizing theobromine. The toxicity of chocolate will depend on the weight of your dog and the amounts of chocolate it was able to consume. The more bitter and the darker the chocolate, the more harmful it will be for your pet.

Not all chocolates are created the same. Some chocolates have high levels of theobromine while others have much lesser theobromine content. However, if a bar of chocolate contains high amounts of cocoa solids, it simply means more theobromine is present and this can be extremely dangerous. In other words, chocolate and dark chocolate are more hazardous to dogs compared to white chocolate and milk chocolate.

What Are The Signs of Chocolate Toxicity?

The initial symptoms manifested after ingesting chocolate include vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, hyperactivity, agitation, and increases thirst. If the symptoms worsen they can escalate to increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, and heart arrhythmias. In a worst-case scenario, it can lead to tremors or twitching, seizures, muscle rigidity, collapse, cardiac failure, and even death.

How Do You Treat Chocolate Ingestion?

The treatment will depend on the amount of chocolate your dog ingested and the symptoms your pet is manifesting. Dogs that ingested small amounts of chocolate do not require medical treatment. You can treat them at home by inducing vomiting to get rid of the chocolate in their system through activated charcoal. Some are given subcutaneous fluids to remove the toxins through their kidneys. If you are to induce vomiting or if your dog is experiencing diarrhea, hydration is necessary. Dogs that ingested high doses of chocolate should be sent to the hospital immediately before symptoms worsen. In the hospital, dogs will be monitored closely especially their heart’s rhythm and rate and they will be given several doses of activated charcoal as well as IV fluids.


If you have a pet and you have a sweet tooth, you have to make certain sacrifices. Don’t risk your dog’s life by taking chocolate inside your home. You’ll never know if they’ll find it. This will cost them their life.

Nick White is the owner of Off Leash K9 Training. He has over 80 dog training franchise locations throughout the United States. He currently hosts the A&E show, America's Top Dog.

Dentist, Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Are dentists really that important? Do you really need to see one? Believe it or not but the majority of the population think dental visits are a waste of time especially if their teeth and gums are in good condition. If you are one of the people who do not believe in dental visits, read up. The dental office may look intimidating but if you muster up the courage to see your dentist at least once every 6 months you will reap its benefits. Check out why dental visits are a must.

Basically, two things happen during a routine dental visit. One, your dentist will evaluate your oral condition, which includes your tongue, teeth, gums and jaw. Depending on your condition, your dentist may order X-rays to get a clearer image of what’s in your mouth. The second part is the cleaning. Special tools and instruments are used to effectively rid your teeth of plaque and stubborn tartar. Sometimes, your dentist will require you to go back for further treatments if he or she sees problems like the need for restorative dental care.

The following are the benefits of seeing your dentist every year:

Prevention of Potential Oral Health Problems

Your dentist isn’t just going to fix current problems. Most of the time, they prevent them from happening. Like cavities, for example. Do you know that certain habits predispose you to cavities? People who are fond of eating sugary, starchy and acidic foods are more prone to develop cavities and tooth decay. During a dental checkup, your dentist will assess the condition of your teeth and just by looking at them, he or she will know if you’re not taking your oral health seriously. These checkups will give your dentist the opportunity to educate you on what to do and what not to do to prevent cavities or to stop them from spreading.

Usually, these visits are going to include professional teeth cleaning. Even though you brush and floss your teeth every day, there will still be certain parts of your teeth that are prone to plaque and tartar build up. An ordinary toothbrush won’t be able to reach these areas, which means you won’t be able to clean them effectively. Your dentist has the necessary instruments needed to reach all surfaces of your teeth and scrape away lingering plaque and tartar. Having your teeth professionally cleaned will lessen your chances of developing tooth decay and periodontal disease.

It Might Save Your Teeth

Sometimes people are aware they have tooth decay but they choose to ignore it because it doesn’t cause pain. The only time they decide to see their dentist is when they experience severe tooth pain. Unfortunately, by then it would mean the tooth has become so decayed leaving your dentist with no choice but to extract it. If you regularly visit your dentist, the decay would have been addressed and your dentist would have been able to save your tooth.

Teach You Proper Dental Hygiene

Based on the condition of your teeth and gums, your dentist will be able to know if you don’t practice an oral care routine. There are patients who claim to brush and floss their teeth daily but they still have tooth decay. It’s because the techniques they are using are wrong. To ensure that you are cleaning your teeth thoroughly, you should see your dentist so he or she can teach you proper dental hygiene or better yet, demonstrate it to you during your visit. Proper brushing and flossing techniques are vital to maintaining your oral health.


If you’re scared to go to the dentist, you should at least try to overcome your fear because if you succumb to it, your oral health will suffer and sadly, your oral health is linked to your general health and well-being. So the next time you’re thinking about skipping that appointment, think again. It’s scarier to experience dental problems than to see your dentist for oral care protection and prevention.

Dr Gerald Regni, DMD, has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years. He does general and cosmetic dentistry, but has a special interest and focus in biological and holistic dentistry. He can be contacted at: Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD 937 Christian St Philadelphia, PA 19147 (215) 351-9399

ADA Compliant Design Services

Are your business meeting ADA requirements? Is your website ADA compliant? If you’re not currently meeting ADA standards, ADA Compliance Pros ( can help. They provide sensible and effective solutions for any business that isn’t ADA compliant. Read on to learn more about the advantages you’ll enjoy if you use ADA compliant design services.

You Can Ensure That You’re Fully Compliant

You’ll want to be sure that you’re fully compliant with current ADA standards. When you work with a service like ADA Compliance Pros, you’ll benefit greatly from their expertise. They’ll be able to tell you everything that you need to do in order to become compliant with ADA standards.

There are a number of things you’ll have to take into consideration when working towards compliance. Working with a service means that nothing important will be forgotten. You’ll be able to make sure that you’re completely compliant with the current standards.

You Can Prepare for The Future

ADA standards have changed throughout the years. It’s likely that the current standards will also change in the future. You’ll want to be prepared for that. If you plan ahead, you’ll continue to be compliant with ADA regulations even after their standards change.

Services that specialize in ADA compliance have studied these standards extensively, which means they know how these standards are likely to change over time. When you work with a service, you can work to become compliant in the present and the future.

Working with A Service Could Save You Money

An ADA compliance design project can be a major expense. It can be difficult to budget for something like this. If you work with a service, you’ll be able to get a price quote up front. You’ll be able to see exactly what you’ll be spending to become compliant.

Beyond that, a design service will be able to help you avoid any unnecessary costs. Even though you’ll be paying the service, it’s likely that you’ll be spending far less overall. You should use your money wisely on design projects like this. Working with professionals is a smart financial decision.

A Service Could Help You Avoid Liability

When you’re not ADA compliant, you’re putting yourself at risk. For example, it’s possible that you could be sued for your lack of complaint. You’ll want to work with a service that will be able to identify potential liabilities. When you work with professionals, you’ll be able to reduce risk and prevent future problems.

Litigation can be devastating for a business, which is why you’ll want to avoid liabilities if possible. When you work with professionals, you’ll be able to take precautions that will protect you against lawsuits.

You’ll Be Able to Meet ADA Standards Quickly

It can take time to bring your business up to ADA standards. Working with professionals can do a lot to expedite this process. ADA Compliance Pros will help you to implement solutions as soon as possible.

They will be able to inspect your business quickly and provide a detailed evaluation. From there, they’ll suggest solutions that will help you meet ADA standards. You’ll have complete design guidance, and you’ll be able to make changes right away. The sooner you contact ADA Compliance Pros, the sooner you’ll be able to ensure that you meet ADA requirements.

There are so many excellent reasons to work with ADA compliant professionals. Contact ADA Compliance Pros today so that you can learn more about the services they offer. If your business isn’t ADA compliant, or if you need an ADA compliant website, it’s time to take action. When you work with the right service, you’ll be able to implement cost-effective solutions right away.

David LoPresti, co-owner of ADA Compliance Professionals, brings years of architectural design and ADA compliance experience to the table. With a mother who has had a life-long disability, he has seen first-hand the complexity and challenges of making a property ADA compliant. This experience has led to him dedicating his life to improving ADA access for businesses across California so they can be enjoyed by all.